What is a low carb diet?

A low Carb diet is an eating plan that limits the amount of carbohydrates you consume.
Making the swop from foods like bread, potatoes, sugar, pasta and rice to foods higher in protein and foods with a low carbohydrate count ( fruit and vegetables!).

For example i’ve made the swop from potatoes to sweet potatoes and various squash ( if i can get my hands on any – Switzerland is pretty much a ‘what’s in season Country’ when it comes to most veg!).
I am trying to eat ALOT more salad with simple dressing rather than creamy Italian and French dressings.
I’ll be trying out cauliflower rice, parsnip mash and other various changes!

Its worth pointing out that everything still does have its own small of amount of carbohydrates in it!

As i mentioned, the low carb diet is similar to the Paleo Diet. A diet that gets you back to the basics!
A diet that removes sugar, refined foods and trans fats and is more along the lines of the ‘hunter, gatherer’. Although this diet is a lot stricter by also removing dairy its base principles of eating Lean meat, fish, healthy fats, nuts, seeds and fruit & vegetables allows me to have another source of help and inspiration for low-carb recipes!

I have to admit though that i wont be cutting dairy from my diet, i will try and limit it and see how i go! Having already given up my staples of chocolate and pasta i don’t think the odd bit of cheese here and there will make any significant difference, we shall see!

Picture courtesy of http://www.nutritiontranslator.wordpress.com/


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