A spoonful of sugar…

For anyone that has turned their eating habits around and have really looked at what they were eating, they will understand what I am talking about and why this rings true!

I love how fascinating food can be and how if people really researched what they are eating and how it’s effecting them they would be highly surprised!

There are so many diets out there to offer support to people who are suffering things from migraines to MS, to Autism to cancer…. There is so much you can do to support whatever your body is going through with just choosing the right nutrition!


Take a look at your diet today or why not see/research what you can do to help yourself by a little diet change!

And just to clarify…. I don’t assume that food and nutrition can cure everything, but if it can help and give your body the boost and support it needs to get you through, why wouldn’t you try it?



Hakuna Matata


I have to say that the one thing that has surprised the most about following this diet is the fact i feel so different.
Whether its confidence returning, my body appreciating a healthier diet or whatever, there is most definitely a change.

Now i’m no super woman/mum and i’m not stating here that I have discovered a love of housework or anything crazy ( id need a lot more than a new diet for that!), its just nice to feel different. Calmer.

Instead of having all the mad ups and down i used to suffer from, which i must admit was from my excessive chocolate binging….(i could easy get through a 200g bar of chocolate in one sitting, not counting all the rest of the crap i ate throughout the day) i just feel ‘normal’. My body was used to major sugar highs and lows. Sugar was my drug, and if you tried to take it away from me, well, you would at a minimum get the ‘death stare’ ….and if you managed to actually take it away, more fool you!!!! A sugar junkie!

I know i did a posting about the bad effects of artificial sweeteners in one of my previous blogs, and i stand by that whole heartily, but its important to look at the problem with refined sugar also.

Here are 16 side effects of having sugar!

. Suppress the immune system
• Contribute to hyperactivity, anxiety, depression, concentration difficulties
• Produce a significant rise in triglycerides
• Reduce helpful high density cholesterol (HDLs) and raise harmful cholesterol (LDLs)
• Increase the risk of coronary heart disease and high blood pressure
• Increase fasting levels of blood glucose and contribute to diabetes
• Promote tooth decay
• Speed the aging process, causing wrinkles and grey hair
• Contribute to weight gain and obesity
• Cause toxemia during pregnancy
• Increase the risk of fatty liver disease
• Increase the water retention and bloating
• Cause headaches, including migraines
• Increase bacterial fermentation in the colon
• Increase risk of certain types of cancers including breast, colon and prostate
• Increase risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Sugar obviously appears naturally in a lot of produce, fruit is high in sugar content. Its not about cutting down on those things, natural sugar, thats unrefined or unprocessed is fine. But with all things, it should be eaten in moderation, a pot of honey and a spoon for any sugar cravings isn’t the way forward!

I honestly believe that my calmer state is due to reducing my carb and sugar intake, and i cant help but feel there are so many people out there who would benefit from this type of diet.

Maybe all those with ADHD would do better if they looked at their diet and stopped to think about how many highs and lows they were going through from all the hidden sugars in their food?

Maybe it would be an idea to put the same time and money into researching the benefits of healthy living as we do into medicinal cures for everything. Maybe the key to a lot of problems nowadays is down to diet, but sadly a lot of people don’t feel they have the time to adapt to these changes with their busy life schedules. Maybe one day the world will wake up and start looking for healthy alternatives to helping themselves rather than opting always for the nearest medicine cabinet.

What do you think?