Spot the difference….

I realized the last progress report i did was in May, and although my goals have changed now to maintaining a healthier weight and a healthier lifestyle, i do think its worth sharing how fa i have come by doing these changes!




Here i am before i even considered my lifestyle was doing me the most favors in the world


Here is the photo i shared with you in May this yea after a few months into my new diet


and here i am now….excuse all the muddle around me i was going for a dress fitting, and i do love this photo!

I have lost over 15kg since the start of the journey, and although my aim is now not to lose any more, i do want to maintain my figure and enjoy feeling better in myself and having more body confidence!


And in other news…..

I shall have to make today’s post brief!
I am off to Italy tomorrow morning and have once again felt I have neglected my blog for a few days!

Today I decided to do something daring, something I have wanted to do for a long time but never had the courage to do myself.

Dye my hair bright dark red!

Why not? New lifestyle, new body ( still in progress), new mental attitude…. New hair! It fits in so nicely!

So I braved the wind and rain and joined the scurry of people through town … With not much help from my iPhone GPS I may add! Apparently I did need to walk around the block ( and then some) in the torrential rain rather than just walk 10 meters to the left!

None the less I got there, with my 2 year old in tow, little damper than we had hoped but it was for a good cause!

I won’t babble on about the process of changing your hair colour from dark brown to red, but I have learnt it now involved lightening your current colour with bleach so to show the colour better! Not the best look!

Little madam was kept highly amused by the hairdressers, and was even given her own model to practice on while she waited patiently to be saved by her Aunty. Better than being bored to tears whilst waiting for goodness knows how long for mum to be finished!

The finished result if my hair was, well interesting! The beautiful dark deep burgundy colour I was dreaming of was non existent, instead I have been kindly given bright, manic ginger red hair!

For the moment i have decided to keep it for the weekend but to say I’m a little bit in shock would be about right!

Maybe I will get used to it, its
just one of those times in life where you expect one thing and receive another!

Anyways…… Here’s my ‘auburn’ do!
Excuse the yellow hue my bathroom light gives off, I’m not that jaundiced in real life!