Sweet enough?!


Now being someone who has a ridiculously sweet tooth i have been a little concerned that its not going to the occasional slip ups on my low-carb diet that fails me, but my inability to abstain from eating chocolate!

I’ve had a rather unnecessary relationship with the brown stuff my whole life, from being a small child and eating all my advent calendar chocolates within a week and trying to blame it on a ‘burglar’ stealing them, to finding myself getting twitchy as an adult if I’m craving it and theres none in the house!

I can think we can all agree its not a particularly healthy relationship, my argument was always that it could always be something worse like smoking or drinking….but still never admitted that chocolate was my drug and i felt i NEEDED it!
And yes, i did NEED it, i have been known to stamp my foot (something an adult should never be caught doing and probably never own up to!) when i have been kept from eating it!

So you can probably see why this is my greatest concern throughout out this diet!

Its been over a week now since i decided to start up this new regime, and within my first few days i presented with a rather large challenge, my sister had returned from England and had bought me back a rather large bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk….. Cadbury being my penultimate weakness.

Was i going to cave before i had even really begun? Should i just scoff the lot and start again ‘tomorrow’ or should i try ( with all my might) to just leave it?

And it is with great joy and pleasure i can share with you all its still in my cupboard, unopened, untouched and being ignored! To my husbands shock i even offered to him that he could eat it ( not normally one to share chocolate, ever!).

How did i accomplish such a magical achievement?! I honestly don’t know, maybe a magical fairy came and waved her wand over me, maybe i hit my head and didn’t realise, or maybe, just maybe, its been in me all along but yet i never had the ability to see it!

So wish me luck and lets hope i managed to keep up the will power!

A friend send me this and i thought it was relevant to my old self…(hopefully i wont get like this again!)

10 signs you’re a sugar addict:

1. If you’re served a cocktail with a glacé cherry garnish that somehow gets stuck at the bottom of the glass, you will spend a good ten minutes trying to root it out. Even if the fire alarm in the bar goes off at this point, you remain undeterred and begin to get irritable when the firemen ask you to “Leave the building.”

2. You eat the orange cremes in Quality Street, and you don’t even like them.

3. You get the ‘sugar junkie high’ approximately 5 minutes after you’ve consumed sugar.

4. You get ‘sugar low rage’ approximately 1 hour after you’ve consumed sugar.

5. Your frontal lobe goes bright pink when you walk into a sweet shop.

6. Your wallet’s empty when you walk out of the sweet shop.

7. Who cares if your wallet’s empty – you’ve got 317 cola bottles in a paper bag!

8. When you discover you’ve actually eaten the last bit of chocolate in the house, you wonder around repeating “How did this happen?” incredulously, 200 times.

9. After you’ve finished repeating yourself, you realise that your hands are shaking and you’re beginning to hallucinate.

10. A way off in the distance, you see a family pack of cola bottles trying to drink from a mirage of melted orange cremes. It’s all too much and you collapse in a heap of sugar-low weakness, your trembling out-stretched hand reaching towards your empty wallet.


Cutting the Carbs!




I made a big decision today, one thats totally against everything i stand by.
I bought some scales…..
Why is this such a drama you ask?
Well, for one i dont really believe in diets, nor do i believe in being someone who feels the need to step on the scales and weep about how i have put on an ounce.

So why the change of heart?

I recently have been told i need to cut down on my sugar intake and try and eat a low-carb diet….for me this is torture! I eat more lasagne than Garfield, am sure my ancestry originates from Italy and well, i’m a definate sugarholic! So as i change my diet to a healthier one, i may as well see if it has any impact on my weight!

As i start this new challenge of re-juggling all the family meals so that i dont have to make food seperately for myself and the rest of the clan, i thought it would be good to log my journey!

Hey i’ve just found my Blog theme!

I have 3 children and a husband to consider in this new diet regime and its not going to be easy. My husband doesnt do rabbit food very well, and try putting any lentils or kidney beans in front of him he recoils in disgust! My eldest luckily isnt too fussy, my middle one likes things to be as plain as possible and the youngest at 2 years old doesn’t do bitty food very well and wont eat any veg bar peas and sweetcorn, unless its mushed/hidden under hoards of meat!!

Having a low carb diet seems to be very similar to the paleo diet, which i heard about through a family member, at least makes my life a little easier when searching the net for recipe ideas!

So as i go i hope to share with you my journey, fill you in with little insightful information, recipes and tips….

I wont be sharing work-out advice….thats something i definately have no idea on and wouldnt like to preach what im not the best at practicing!

So stay tuned and why dont you give it a try too?!



Now, i’m new to this whole Blogging business so bear with me!
After months of debating starting my own blog, encouragement from friends and a little inspiration from those who have been involved in April’s A-Z of blogging, I’ve decided to bite the bullet and crack on with it.
So here goes!
Sadly its a little late for me to start the A-Z blog theme, I really should have got my skates on and started this this a tad sooner, it would have been helpful to have a bit of inspiration for what my daily/weekly blogs could have been on!

So, i’m choosing to write my first blog on Dr Seuss!

WHY? Because my theme is inspiration…..and I think he is one of the most inspirational, motivational writers I know of!

I’m a big fan of his books and really enjoy the messages they project about how being yourself is the most wonderful gift you can give to yourself, no matter how weird, or colourful you are as a person. If you take the time to look past the end of your nose there’s so much to explore and discover.
His creativity and insightful messages leave you feeling uplifted and amused, well for me they do!
But anyways, if you have not read any of his books, or haven’t done so in many years, pick one up and indulge yourself in his crazy world and see what you think!

My top three quotes………

1.Today you are you that is truer than true, there is no one alive who is you-er than you

2. Be who you are and say what you feel, for those that mind don’t matter and those that matter don’t mind.

3. Why fit in when you were born to stand out.